What’s your take on a V-Day date

Would you go on a first date on Valentine’s Day? I assume the immediate response is, ‘Hell no.’ But I’m thinking about taking the chance as I was recently asked out on V-Day, mistakenly it turns out. He didn’t realize, “Lets meet up next Wednesday or Thursday” could include inviting St. Valentine.

Part of me thinks there’s very little to lose, as long as neither of us builds it up or expect anything more than we would on a normal first date. The way I look at it, at least I’m out, meeting someone new as opposed to eating ice cream on the couch, as is the tradition. I suppose the fact it is a somewhat contentious holiday could put unnecessary pressure on the night, but if it goes poorly, so what? And if it goes well it’s a cheesy, funny anniversary. Am I crazy?


Finally heard from Mr. M. a.k.a the ghost. I broke the seal and reached out, asking him the direct question over text, “Why did you never respond to me?” He essentially said he was in a rough place and then got the flu. “By that point, I didn’t think you’d want me to open any wounds.”

While an unexpectedly thoughtful response, I think it could just as easily be a veiled attempt to disguise not knowing what to say to me by saying instead he was considering my feelings. There were no wounds, I responded because frankly, we didn’t know each other well enough yet, but let him know I did get the message he didn’t want to see anything through with me.

I wanted to maintain my no holds barred honesty without being a horrible person so I did say I was sorry to hear he had the flu, which I am. However, I balanced it a bit by iterating it did not mean his phone was under the weather. He conceded the lack of communication wasn’t fair to me.

Now, Mr. M does get points in my book for letting me know where he was emotionally and apologizing. Kind of a bummer that one didn’t work out. He was kinda nerdy and sweet and great. Is great…he’s not dead.

Apparently, he has planned a trip to D.C. in April. Stay tuned.

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