Up date me

Today is a hard one as it’s the first anniversary of losing a man I truly loved. We were together for four years before we ended things and he found a wonderful bride, a family and true happiness. He helped shape my character, increase my self-awareness and give me a perspective on life, relationships and spirituality I’ll never lose. I love you LF. Thinking of you today and every day.

Since I’ve been writing about a few recent matches, I thought I’d provide a quick update.

Mr. M is off the show, as we say. He ghosted. I finally wrote him to ask why after a few weeks and he told me he was disconnected and didn’t feel well. I responded that I am sorry to hear he was sick, but that it doesn’t mean his phone didn’t work especially when he knew I was waiting to hear from him. He apologized. But ladies, it’s one to let go. Neither one of us wanted it enough to fight for it. Or to push each other at all for it, which I think says something.

While my height restrictions man, J, was very young at 26. I could see he was right where he needed to be, but we’d grown far apart in years, experiences and what we wanted out of life.

Now we’ve got a few new guys in the online cue. Should we talk about what we consider great first dates? What’s the note men/women seem to respond to in your profile?



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